Category: 3D projects

Other 3D projects

Modern and luxurious 3D projects! In this category you can find 3d projects of different spaces- such as corridors, entrances or decoration. Our designers are always at disposal, if you want Martineli to realize your projects.


Modern and luxurious 3D projects. Outdoor areas in each home are real treasure. They make one home – luxurious. Our team of specialists and designers have designed many gardens and terraces which you can review here.

Kitchens and Dining rooms

The kitchen is the heart of every home. The 3D projects made by Martineli designers are featured with their style,ideas and comfort. You can review our gallery with kitchens, realized with furniture from TOP European companies.

Living rooms

The living room is the space, where the family spend most of their time – relaxing, having fun, chatting…. This space should be comfortable and functional. You can review our 3D projects of living rooms!


Modern and luxurious 3D projects of bathrooms! Bathrooms are one of the trademarks for Martineli.We design the spaces with our identity. In the gallery below you can review different 3D projects, of small and big spaces, made in different styles.


Modern and luxurious 3D projects of bedrooms and walk in closetsThe bedroom is one of the most intimate  space in every home. When making one 3D project, we take into consideration the requirements and taste of each customer. View our gallery and get inspiration by the ideas of our designers.